How to delete email accounts on Windows Mobile 6.5.3

As groovy as Windows Mobile 6.5.3 is, occasionally even the most basic tasks can be stupidly convoluted. Deleting an email account is one of them.

You would have thought that this would be a simple matter of just selecting an email account and then choosing a delete option. And it is with a very stupid caveat: you need to ensure the account picker is switched on otherwise there is no delete option.

So if, like me, you decide to delete some email accounts and can’t figure it out, you need to go click StartEmailMenuOptionsMessage and then ensure that Display account picker when opening Messaging is enabled (i.e. is checked).

Then, when you open your email and are presented with the account picker, simply highlight the account you want and then press MenuDelete to get rid of it for good.

Next weeks tip; how to employ a Microsoft geek with adequate usability experience.


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