Expats can find their own way home

So you’re an expat who leaves Britain for a better life abroad. And why not, after all, the UK is a spent force and totally wrecked after 13 years of Gordon Brown robbery augmented by thieving MP’s, uncontrolled immigration, EU directives, human rights scams and a horrific waste of public money on the latest tax raising environmental wheeze.

I don’t begrudge anyone for wanting to leave these shores for good. What I do object to is Brits sodding off to take on a cushy tax-free job in a place where it’s only obvious that it could all kick off at any moment and then expecting the Foreign Office to send in the SAS and rescue them when the shit hits the fan. All funded of course by the taxpayer.

Oil workers earn huge bucks for working in dangerous areas, no doubt paying 0% tax, and then have the gall to expect me to pay to rescue them. Here’s 50p, hire yourself a donkey.


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