320×320 QVGA games for Windows Mobile 6.5

Given that Windows Phone 7 is a piece of social media obsessed crap with an interface that’s about as intuitive as a 1970’s ICI mainframe, I’m sticking firmly with Windows Mobile 6.5 which is powerful, flexible and uses the tried and trusted method of icons and folders.

I got myself a Samsung B7350 Omnia Pro 4 recently which has both a touchscreen and a keyboard and runs Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional. Great mobile but the screen of the Omnia Pro 4 is a square QVGA 320×320 resolution which is one of the more niche displays so whilst lots of pure QVGA games work at 320×240 resolution on the Omnia Pro 4, they don’t use the full screen and more often than not, end up being shoved to one side of the display with the background visible.

What I have here then is a list of games I’ve tried on my Omnia Pro 4 and which work perfectly well full screen at 320×320 square QVGA resolution (some are 320×240 with borders but without running in a window).

Aces Texas Hold’em No Limit
Astraware Bejeweled
Astraware Bejeweled 2
Astraware Boardgames
Astraware Bookworm
Astraware Bubble Babble
Astraware Bubble Shuffle
Astraware Casino
Astraware Classic Collection
Astraware Hexic
Astraware Hidden Expedition: Titanic
Astraware Insaniquarium
Astraware Mozaki
Astraware My Little Tank
Astraware Platypus
Astraware Police Range
Astraware Q*Bert
Astraware Solitaire
Astraware Sudoku
Astraware Westward
Astraware Zuma
Civilization IV
CrazySoft Trigna
Final Battle
Gomoku Pro
HeroCraft Cubix
Machines At War
Manbolo Magic Bubble
Manbolo Meon
Meteor Breakout
Mini Golf 99
Momentum Games Pocket Mini Golf 2
OmniGSoft Nine Hole Golf
Pool Rebel
Project Gotham Racing
SPB Puzzle
SPB Quads
Ten Pin Bowling
Texas Hold’em King 3
Texas Hold’em with Phil Hellmuth
Towers Trap
Tower Wars
Virtual Pool
Zeus Quest


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