Corrupt Khalifa slaughters his own civilians

If there is one thing that can be relied upon in the Middle East, it’s that you can expect to find plenty of useless overweight head of state pro-Western bastards ruling with an iron fist and a posse of hired thugs. These dim-witted self enriching robbers excel at slaughtering their own people whilst filling their own pockets and wallowing in their own crapulence and filthy rich lifestyles at odds with the millions of poor citizens who are brutally suppressed with threats of torture, violence and abduction.

So step forward corrupt vicious bastard Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, so called King of Bahrain who enjoys shooting civilians in the head and sending in the riot police and military to clear a peaceful protest of women and children. What the dumb fuck has failed to recognise, on account of him being more stupid than a lodge meeting of village idiots, is that ordinary Bahraini’s are not calling for the monarchy to be overthrown although this would be a good start. All they want is governmental reform that treats all Bahrainis equally and not those of the Shia sect as second class citizens. It’s not even anything to do with Iran; these are Arab Bahraini’s out protesting not Persian Bahraini’s and the very least they deserve is freedom, a basic tent of any democracy that is denied to millions in the Gulf.

However, crooked Khalifa the tyrant has no such intention of reforms having held power for far too long with his equally bent Uncle in charge as PM. During this time, the despicable duo along with the rest of the festering ruling family, have milked the country dry and done everything possible to line their own pockets whilst ignoring the poor and needy and going about the business of reducing the majority Shia population through dubious social engineering initiatives. As a result, Bahrain is one of the few countries in the world where the majority sect (Shia) are ruled over by the minority (Sunni) who also happen to bag all the top jobs and are considerably richer as a result.

With the reform campaign gathering pace under a united banner of good natured and lively yet peaceful demonstrations and marches, King Kong Khalifa decided to take action to slaughter his own citizens. And so it was in the early hours of 17 February whilst the protestors were asleep, among them innocent women and children, that the vile despicable Khalifa sent in his riot police armed with shotguns and batons to clear the protest camp that just a few hours earlier had been in a festive mood. Innocent civilians were beaten to a pulp and shot at with live rounds whilst tents were burned down and marauding gangs of grinning thugs snatched people off the street to bundle into police vans for interrogation and a spot of torture. In total, over several hundred people have been injured with another 100 missing and several killed, including a small boy, on the direct orders of the murderous monarchy.

And who exactly are these thugs masquerading as police? They’re fucking ignorant brain dead Pakistanis who can’t even speak Arabic. Yes, you read that right, they’re mercenaries, assassins and murders, gangsters, delinquents, bandits and hired goons bought in from the slums of Pakistan with a promise of a free passport and a shag with the Crown Prince in return for killing as many native Bahraini’s as possible. King Kong Khalifa has spent the last several years trying to wipe out the Shia and now’s his chance. No surprise the two-faced old bastard has been promising reforms whilst praising his military for the excessive use of force and crowing about how many citizens he can kill.

Just what kind of vicious corrupt so-called leader fires live rounds on his own people?

Remember, these are peaceful protesters; women and children, mothers and fathers, babies and kids, students, adults, young and old. The images that have leaked out of the protesters lying dead, riddled with shotgun pellets or with their face blown off, are truly shocking, especially in the context of just how much of a monster Khalifa really is. Seeing ordinary Bahraini’s weeping over their dead is heart breaking, in one case, a woman lost both her husband and her children who were killed as a direct result of Hamid’s actions. Not only were the press gagged from reporting to ensure the world would never know, the vile king even ordered hospitals to turn away the dead and injured whilst tear gas has been fired at any gathering numbering more than a dozen.

Meanwhile, the whining expat Indo Paks who seem to think they are Bahraini’s have been bleating on about how well everything was and why can’t the protesters just go home. These useless sycophants shouldn’t even be in bloody Bahrain let alone think themselves genuine citizens in a position to dole out commentary. It should come as no surprise to anyone that all of these Indo Pak pussies who are cowering in their homes also have the Bahrain passport having managed to blag it when hoodlum Hamid was handing them out like free baklava. Here’s a message to all those bleating sheep; you don’t belong in Bahrain and if you don’t like it, sod off back home to India or Pakistan.

For the rest of the brave Bahraini protestors determined to see governmental reform, our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Gorilla Khalifa is a pure devil who has innocent blood on his hands, including those of kids, and deserves to be hanged from the rafters for crimes against humanity.

Justice will be served one way or another to this most wicked man.


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