Another climate change scam to increase taxes

The New Year has barely begun and we already have a top contender for the Most Stupidest Research award. It should come as no surprise that it’s about "climate change" that was recently rebranded and relaunched in a cynical marketing exercise designed to fool and tax gullible sheeple.

Scientists at the University of Colorado have announced that the Arctic Ocean is the "warmest it’s been for more than 2,000" years" and that we’re all in serious trouble, especially the polar bears. The so-called scientists claim they drilled into the ocean sea bed to find organisms dating back 2,000 years and then analysed the chemical composition to determine past water temperatures.

Now I’m all for saving the polar bears, magnificent creatures that they are but how the f**k do the "scientists" know that an organism is 2,000 years old? It’s not like they’re buried with a birth certificate or something.

Another scam to try and extort money from honest hardworking civilians.


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