Stinking EU President demands UK budget scrutiny

Unelected f**kwit Herman Van Rompuy has demanded that the UK budget be submitted to the useless lazy bastard bean counters in Brussels for approval. Rumpy Pumpy, the most despised man in Europe since Slobodan Miloševic, claimed that non-Euro countries would not be subject to economic sanctions but should be subject to surveillance.

Rumpy Pumpy went on to say that this would be "the main instrument of more economic co-ordination and more convergence inside the EU, all 27 of which share the single market, which we have to deepen.”

The demented delusional diktat then went even further to claim "the Euro zone needs even more economic co-ordination”. Yes, the corrupt Eurozone needs even more economic co-ordination like a nun needs a bullet to the head.

Never mind the UK budget, how about the EU that hasn’t had its own stinking accounts signed off by the auditors for the last 15 years. Someone shoot Rumpy Pumpy and get rid of him for good before he gets his filthy mitts on the Treasury.


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