Criminals to be given voting rights as Cameron bows to EU

I mentioned that pandering to the EU twice in one week must have been a record but I was wrong. David Cameron has happily got down on all fours and licked the Euro federalist boot for the third time in 7 days by agreeing to give murderers, paedophiles, drug dealers, rapists, robbers, pimps, burglars, thugs, car jackers, gangsters, muggers and any other locked up crim the right to vote under the dubious auspices of the European Court of Human Rights.

This highly dangerous and wholly unnecessary human rights legislation, that was nodded through Parliament by clueless doped up Labour MP’s, has become the Achilles heel of Britain through which the EU can grab as much legislative power as possible and ensure UK compliancy as obedience.

David Scam-eron sold the electorate a promise of a referendum on the validity of the whole EU Constitution that was promptly dropped. He then went on to refuse a referendum on the despised Lisbon Treaty arguing it was too late. And now we have Sham-eron giving away British sovereignty like it’s going out of fashion.

EU sponsored lawyers claim that opposing the ruling would have resulted in a million pound legal bill for the UK taxpayer. Rubbish! All Custard Cameron had to do was tell the EU to f**k off and then dare let them try to take any money from us. The truth is that Dave the Cave for all his talk about Euro scepticism and standing up for Britain is the biggest Europhile in the Tory party. He has absolutely zero intention of standing up for Britain’s interests or putting UK taxpayers first.

And isn’t it strange how Scamming Cameron beams with pleasure at upholding the human rights of locked up convicts yet isn’t so enthusiastic when it comes to rolling back the surveillance state which is surely the biggest infringement of human rights for decent law abiding UK citizens?

As far as the UK electorate is concerned, any criminal has already violated the "human rights" of their victims and thus has no right to vote or make any other claim under the pathetic excuse of "human rights" to try and bag compensation or bitch about the food or complain about prison life.

For Cowardly Cameron to agree to this stupid legislation just goes to prove that he cares less about the human rights for honest taxpayers than he does for banged up felons. Don’t expect this turncoat Tory PM to ever stand up to the bullying EU and put British interests first.


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