Cowardly Cameron caves in to EU corruption

It appears that voting blue will get you a yellow PM. In scenes worthy of even the most ardent EU fanatic, supposed Eurosceptic David Cameron has once again grovelled away UK taxpayer cash to the EU as quick as he could get down on bended knee.

With the corrupt EU demanding a 6% increase in funding, Dave the Cave didn’t hesitate to show his true colours by arguing that a 2.9% increase was feasible. Pathetically, Custard Cameron then went on to claim that he had secured a "good deal" for Britain as he tried to spin his way out of having been outwitted by the conniving EU bastards who no doubt wanted a 2.9% increase in the first place and only demanded 6% so they could be haggled down to the original figure.

Cameron’s argument is that the real negotiation lies in the EU budget for the period 2014 to 2020 which is to be decided in the next 18 months. So no talk of the promised referendum to the British electorate then as to whether we want £4billion of taxpayer cash to be squandered annually on keeping the EU coffers full, that all seems to have been quietly swept under the red carpet as Cameron and Clegg sleepwalk us into a federal Europe.

Never mind the 2.9% increase, f**k the bloody EU and refuse to pay any further money or subsidies period. Furthermore, deploy what remains of our armed forces along the English channel and then see who dares approach Britain with the begging bowl. Fact is that the EU needs us far more than we will ever need the EU so they can f**k off and waste their own money on the whole stinking sham project.

As for Cameron and Clegg, these two lovebirds are no better than Bottler Brown when it comes to protecting UK interests and putting Britain’s first and foremost.


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