Millionaire cabinet orders spending cuts

So George Osborne has announced the most savage cuts in three generations (allegedly). What the country doesn’t need right now is a cabinet of hypocritical nodding millionaires lecturing us on how we are all "in it together" and must share the pain.
The general consensus seems to be that these cuts are on the whole sensible with a genuine attempt to reduce the bloated welfare bill. However, if you look closely at the small print, Government spending is actually forecast to increase in 2014-2015 which is just plain daft. And there were several areas that scandalously escaped the axe for no reason other than to appease the lily livered Lib Dumb EU surrender monkeys.
For example, why the f**k has foreign aid been ring-fenced? Why is bankrupt Britain sending an extra £11bn in money to the likes of China, India, Pakistan and a gaggle of corrupt African countries that are already more than capable of frittering away the cash on useless projects to line the pockets of the bent politicians? The Brokeback coalition claims this is to help "business opportunities" as well as commit the UK to spending agreements that serve no useful purpose to the UK citizens. As for the tired old pathetic excuse about terrorism, we have been throwing money at crooked Pakistan (and Afghanistan) for years with no return on investment or discernable reduction in terrorist activities against the UK.
Meanwhile, the roll call of quangos seems to have been trimmed by the smallest amount possible whilst a pledge to reduce MP numbers, already far too high, through boundary changes has been quietly shelved. The Lib Dumbs footprints are also stamped all over this package of cuts with spending increases of £2bn for pointless "climate change" initiatives and green energy scams.

And let’s not forget the dear old NHS with its holier-than-thou budget also ring-fenced whilst being stuffed to the gills with useless managers, bureaucrats and accountants. If ever there was an institution where wholesale savings could be made, it’d be the NHS. Sack all the box-ticking jobsworths and force all foreign health tourists who flock here for free healthcare to pay for treatment or bugger off back home, we’re not a bloody charity.


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