Mini Movie Review: Robin Hood (2010)

This plodding grungy retread of the Robin Hood saga focuses more on authenticity and follows Robin Longstride as he returns home from the Crusades. The Sheriff of Nottingham hardly features in the movie which instead focuses on the newly crowned King John of England and a dastardly French plot to invade England. Of course it’s up to Robin to save the day and the film culminates in a battle between the opposing armies before Robin becomes an outlaw, neatly setting up the inevitable sequel.

I enjoyed Robin Hood but the main problem is that the film, at over 2 hours, is just too long and sags in places. Historically, this is close as we get to the real Robin Hood and Russell Crowe is in fine form with strong support from a feisty Cate Blanchett as Marion and good cast all round.

Whilst it’s great to see a Robin Hood story that also pulls in strands of the political turmoil going on in 13th century England, you can’t help but think that a few more battle scenes would have livened up the movie immensely.

Score: 3/5


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