Sickening show of hypocrisy by Hatty Har-person

Of all the lying, stinking, revolting, insalubrious, oily, thoroughly despicable and wholly incompetent crop of Labour politicians, you’d be hard pressed to find any more useless, rotten and two-faced than Harriet Harman. And in a list that includes the likes of brainless ginger muppet Hazel Blears, professional pie eating oaf John Prescott and corruption king Neil Kinnock, that’s saying something.

And so it was that Harpy Har-person was caught on camera amply demonstrating the very same level of hypocrisy and disgusting sycophancy that elevated the useless lousy PC-obsessed witch to the job of Deputy Leader, laughable in any other circumstances, a sick joke in this case.

Whilst giving his maiden speech at the Labour Party conference, Ed Miliband declared the illegal invasion of Iraq was wrong. With older brother David Miliband, who voted for the war, looking on stony faced, a smattering of applause broke out including that from Harpy Har-person sitting next to David.

Visibly irritated, Miliband the Elder turned to Har-person and said "You voted for it, why are you clapping?”. Being the two-faced bitch that she is who’d vote for a monkey if she felt it would advance her "career", Har-person gave that nauseating toothy smirk and replied "I’m clapping because, as you know, I’m supporting him [Ed]". And all this was captured on TV for everyone to see just how much of a two-faced turncoat Har-person really is.

Funny how the stupid worthless cow voted for the Iraq war and then couldn’t wait to applaud Ed for saying the very same war was wrong. Just goes to show that this foul woman has no decency, no scruples, no morals and would trample over dying kids to get to wherever the taxpayer funded trough is moved.


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