Deluded Indians claim Delhi fit for Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games due to be held in Delhi next month are under threat of boycott after health and safety concerns from competitors. I’ve no idea why anybody is surprised the Indian authorities have managed to construct a decrepit athlete’s village that looks like a dump, lacks basic sanitary facilities and consists of shoddy workmanship liable to collapse at any moment.

And indeed, this is exactly what is happening. Whilst visitors can look forward to 5-star dysentery accommodation, a footbridge collapsed a few days ago swiftly followed by the ceiling of the weight lifting arena. Meanwhile, deluded Indian Minister’s have lined up to announce the custom made death traps as minor glitches and hiccups.

Apart from the fact that Delhi used child and slave labour to build the wretched facilities, India needs the Commonwealth Games like a corpse needs a bullet in the head. These overrated, oversold and thoroughly pompous sporting events that nobody watches exist purely to massage the egos of the various "committees" who spend their time travelling the world first class at the prospective host nations expense to accept bribes and backhanders.

For a country where the majority live far below the poverty line, surely a more sensible and pragmatic approach would have been to spend the vast amounts of cash ensuring the good welfare of its citizens.

Only the crap Olympics exhibit a more pointless display of silly games and monumental waste of cash and the UK has been suckered into hosting what will be the cheapest and most incompetent games every held in 2012. We should have just let Paris take it so France could foot the bill. Or let Greece spend the money and hold the Olympics, after all, the games are Greek in origin. so let them waste their own bloody cash.

As for Delhi, any athlete or competing country that decides to visit this cack hole deserves all the dysentery they get.


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