Windows 7 and Vista: two peas in a very slow and bloated pod

I’ve been unfortunate enough to have used Windows 7 of late. After the debacle that is Vista, you’d have thought Microsoft would have gotten it right or at least put in a degree of effort to ensure the next iteration of Windows was a bit quicker.

Well you’d be wrong, Windows 7 is utter garbage. If you thought Vista was slow, wait till you boot, and then wait, to see this collection of bloated crap festering away. Your quad core Pentium Ninja bastard PC with a gazillion gig of RAM will be instantly transformed into a slow, shuffling arthritic turtle of a computer, ready to be pensioned off and cremated at a moments notice.

Lord knows why, it’s not rocket science although you can bet Microsoft would mess that up too if they had a crack at it. What the consumer wants in any OS is very simple:

1. Speed
2. Reliability
3. Security

Unfortunately, what Microsoft thinks we want is:

1. Visual bloat
2. Performance bloat
3. Security with 50% extra bloat

I mean really, what useful purpose does Aero provide other than slow down your PC and hog resources? No really, what? I don’t need some shitty glass type effect that maxes out the CPU just so I can see a picture of what I’m working on, I know what I’m working on, I bloody well started working on it myself FFS. And what’s with the kindergarten Explorer that ring fences all the useful stuff and piles on layer upon layer of pointless speed bumps to ensure you can never get to the files you want?

I’ve used both high end laptops and desktops with all flavours of Windows 7, from Ultimate to Basic, preinstall and a clean build. Not one single PC managed anywhere near a blazing fast speed on a comparable system running the 10 year old XP.

Universally, this is one rubbish OS and in a field that includes the dreadful Vista, that’s saying something. It’s no wonder corporations around the world are sticking with XP and have no intention of migrating. When you have a bloated overpriced, over engineered OS capable of bringing even the most cutting edge PC to its knees, where’s the incentive in upgrading?


3 Responses to Windows 7 and Vista: two peas in a very slow and bloated pod

  1. j7n says:

    It is beyond my understanding why people have accepted Seven as a good system even when they generally loathed Vista. They are the nearly same thing.

    Hardware has since improved and of course can handle the bloat better. But that is no excuse for the OS to use up all the memory.

  2. Mac says:

    Well said.I have been using pc’s since the days of windows 3.1and now despair at this totally crap o.s. XP was good and just needed a few tweaks ie DVD player/recorder.Regards spelling and grammer- your computer might be at risk/you might want to try……..MAY BE AT RISK, YOU MAY WANT TO TRY. Yes maybe I will drop windows 7 down the wc where it belongs and go back to XP.

    • Grumpy Bear says:

      WC is just the place for Windows 7. As for Windows 8, burn it to ashes, flush the ashes down the bog and then blow up the latrine. Take the rubble and chuck it out to sea.

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