Outlaw clampers to be outlawed

The Government has announced that clamping on private land is to be made a criminal offence in a move that will cheer every motorist. The menacing bunch of gorilla’s who run these bully boy clamping firms will be liable to a £5k  fine or even jail if they try to clamp or tow a vehicle on private land.

The cowboy clamping industry has always been referred to as legalised mugging which is exactly what it is. Scotland long ago banned clampers from operating on private land but the Labour government had no such commonsense, not unusual given that Gordon Brown couldn’t drive and viewed motorists as nothing more than cash cows to fund his sleazy plan to bankrupt the UK for good.

Meanwhile there will be zero sympathy for any of the clampers losing their "jobs", and I use the term in the loosest sense. With any luck, not only will the clamping gorilla’s be slung out onto the streets but their wretched clamps will also be slung out too and hopefully catch them in the right place.


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