BST is best (stuff the Scots)

David Cameron is considering moving the UK to British Summer Time permanently so that we can all enjoy longer, lighter evenings. However, Dave the Cave also mentioned that he would only go ahead with this if he could convince the useless Scots of the merits.

The Scots are expected to mount fierce opposition to such a move given that they don’t like their kids to go to school in the dark. What about our kids having to come home from school in the dark? The Scots also cite “cattle” as another feeble excuse as to why they need lighter mornings although God knows why a cow would mind whether or not it gets milked in daylight.

Everyone can see that a permanent move to BST is a rational, sensible idea that brings us into line with Europe, one of the few if not sole political European alignments that’s actually useful, but you can always count on the moaning Scots to do everything possible to scupper event the most sane plan.

As always, the solution is simple; stuff them and let’s do our own thing, nobody cares what the bloody Scots want. The puffed up Scottish government always makes up its own rules that invariably consists of stealing as much English money as possible so it’s about time we Sassenach’s stuck up two fingers north of the border and told them to f**k off.


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