Mr Ten Percent on corruption drive

Whilst floods have devastated Pakistan killing over a thousand and leaving millions homeless and hungry, the supremely corrupt and self-styled "President", Asif Ali Zardari, has decided this is an ideal opportunity to visit the UK and beg for more cash in overseas aid. Zardari is also planning to "launch" the political career of his dopey son who is being positioned to take over when sleazebag Zardari wallows off into the sunset with his squandered millions.

Zardari is husband of that renowned other pit of corruption Benazir Bhutto who was assassinated in December 2007. She was another unscrupulous fraud who lived the life of Riley whilst the country went down the toilet. The so called Pakistan Peoples Party is no more than an organised front for thievery, corruption, backhanders and shady deals so it’s no surprise that Zardari is universally known as Mr Ten Percent because of his enthusiasm for skimming off millions in kickbacks.

Watching an oily, grinning Zardari smirk into Britain with the begging bowl on permanent display was truly sickening. Why the hell the UK should give anything to this grubby materialistic fool and his entourage of hangers-on is a question everybody is asking, especially as we all know it will inevitably find its way into one of Zardari’s many offshore bank accounts.

The main purpose of the visit though is that Zardari intends to hold a rally in Birmingham to raise cash from wealthy Pakistani donors so a political legacy for his idiot son can be secured. This rotten stench of corruption and sleaze that wafts around Zardari is endemic of Pakistani politics and will continue to linger on long after the flood waters have receded.


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