Bailiffs waste no time in evicting Parliament squatters (the rest of us can wait though)

Thursday 22 July 2010 @ 8:51 am

The group of protestors, squatters, dossers, anarchists, druggies, wasters, alcoholics, immigrants, asylum seekers, tramps and other assorted rabble that were camped on Parliament Square in what they called "Democracy Village" have finally been cleared after the Court of Appeal upheld the eviction order. Quite rightly too, these vagrants had absolutely zero interest in what started off as an excuse to protest about the illegal invasion of Iraq and quickly mushroomed into a free-for-all dig at anything that might garnish further support from their fellow hippies and allow them to remain camped on a piece of prime London real estate.

The same goes for the bunch of dickhead Tamil protestors who called for international intervention against Sri Lanka and seemed to think it was the sole responsibility of Westminster to sort it out. Exactly what they aimed to achieve by having a permanent stall on Parliament Square has not been made clear, much like the hippies of Democracy Village who can’t have been so stupid as to think they would actually make a difference.

Here’s the thing though, although all squatters should be readily shot on sight, I have absolutely no problem with legal protests or demonstrations against events for which the UK has a legitimate vested interested. What I find is incredible is that the bailiffs were called in and the hippies cleared within a matter of weeks. Why is that same rapid action not taken by the authorities when it’s a bunch of thieving gippos camped on private land or a group of scum travellers who invade greenbelt over the Bank Holiday weekend?

You can bet your last spliff that if these same so called protestors had been squatting anywhere else, other than the back garden of some useless underworked and overpaid MP, it would have taken years to get rid of them.