Brand washed Apple zealots queue like fools

Long queues of brain washed sheeple loitering outside O2 shops to buy the iPhone 4. Unsurprisingly, they all appear to be male geeks who look as though they still live at home with their folks.

The thing that really annoys me about Apple lovers is their refusal to accept that far better handsets are available. They blindly follow each other without thought and buy into the cult of Apple, hailing each product launch like a bunch of religious zealots on a mission to convert the world. These brand washed fools have such a narrow mindset that they simply cannot imagine there are decent and cheaper alternatives to the iPhone.

Now before anyone accuses me of bias, let me be the first to say I think the iPhone is great. It’s intuitive, fast and does everything well, it’s just not the revolution its made out to be and I actually accept that there are better devices out there.

Ones with a proper f**kin keyboard for a start!

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