Send Ken Clarke to prison

Monday 12 July 2010 @ 3:56 pm

Euro loving idiot Ken Clarke has declared that prison is not the answer and that locking up villains is not linked to a falling crime rate. The Tory Justice Secretary is renowned for being about as right wing as Arthur Scargill which begs the question, what the f**k is he doing in the Conservative party and why on earth did Chameleon Cameron bring him back into the Cabinet?

Red Ken claims that rising prosperity is the catalyst for falling crime rates and that the prison population is too high therefore a greater emphasis on rehabilitation is desirable.

So the rising prison population is nothing to do with the laughably soft sentences handed out by doddery old judges living in cloud cuckoo land which are as much a deterrent as a free massage from a soapy escort?

Or the vast collection of PlayStation’s, fully kitted out gym’s, plasma TV’s, ping pong tables and home comforts found in prisons around the country that make doing porridge about as hard as going to holiday camp?

If this coalition is serious about saving money, they could make a start by getting rid of liberal fools like Ken Clarke and making prison a less attractive alternative. This means enforcing a zero tolerance approach to crime with tougher sentences, absolutely no perks or "luxuries" and ensuring a prison remains a prison instead of a glorified Butlins for offenders to enjoy at the taxpayer’s expense.