Property management spivs in pointless rebranding exercise

Spiv property management company Peverel OM has completed a pointless PR and marketing exercise to rebrand themselves OM Property Management. God knows how many endless committees and pointless meetings were wasted on this futile exercise but leaseholders are assured it cost thousands and that the quality of service remains three pegs below "crap".

The latest wheeze that Oh-for-fucks-sake Property "Management" has employed is cutting down on the number of beancounters employed to answer telephones so leaseholders will be kept waiting longer and eventually hang up. For those that do stay on the line, the 0845 number will ensure that all you end up doing is further enriching OM Property Bastards who will take a healthy cut of the call charge.

And if by some miracle you do happen to get through, be prepared to be put back on hold as the useless call centre staff struggle with a new IT "system" designed specifically to cause maximum agitation with the minimum amount of benefits.

Rather than ploughing money into customer service, surely the priority for any service industry, OM Papshmear "Management" have chosen instead to waste the money on this huge and wholly unecessary marketing initiative. The delusional cretins have assumed that by renaming themselves, people will forget about their terrible record of so-called property "management" that remains wedded to four main tenets:

1. Charge extortinate fees
2. Never do any maintenance work
3. Ensure leaseholders are ripped off
4. Offer piss poor customer service

Anybody unlucky enough to have to deal with these grasping bunch of robbing chancers has my sympathy and an offer to borrow a box of hand grenades to lob through their Luton office windows.


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