Corrupt Bercow re-elected as Speaker to ensure thievery continues

Corrupt former Speaker John Bercow has been re-elected as the new corrupt Speaker in charge of ensuring MP expenses are fiddled. Bent Bercow, who was shoehorned into the Speaker chair in 2009 by a majority Labour vote as a deliberate two fingered salute to the Tories, faced a vote of protest by rebel’s furious at the way this preening Conservative goon had greased his way into Labour’s confidence and bought the house into further disrepute by blocking a wider audit of MP expenses and sympathising with MP’s who claimed "they had done nothing wrong" after robbing the taxpayer.

Despite shouts of "nay" by the rebel’s that were clearly audible, a grinning gloating smirking Bercow was dragged to the Speakers chair as is tradition in the House of Conmen.

Never mind dragging this thieving smug chancer to the Speakers chair, they should have dragged him out to the gallows.


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