When Firefox plugins don’t plug-in

Having jumped into bed fully with Opera, I still cheat and use Firefox for the occasional browse. Seasoned Firefox users will do doubt have come across plugin woes when using Firefox, especially with Flash (is cack) that seems to breed quicker than a single mum on benefits.

My bank currently standardises on version 9 of Flash (is cack) and with the current version up to 10, several sites have insisted that an upgrade is required to use their websites, a hallmark of crap web design and incompetent spivs driving the IT strategy if ever there was.

Unless you’re a hard core developer, and I’m not, the standard desktop build at the bank is locked down tighter than a submarine hatch. This means no downloading exe or dll files, no installing to the default program files directory and read only access to Windows directories and registries.

Fortunately, I downloaded a zip archive of the latest Flash (is cack) dll’s to use with Firefox so the only problem was where to put the blighters. Seems Firefox isn’t too fussy and will check Windows/System32/Macromed/Flash, the Firefox/Plugins installation directory and also the Application Data/../Mozilla/Plugins directory.

To cut a long story short, I copied the dll’s to Firefox/Plugins since my XP roaming profile couldn’t accomodate the 3MB Flash (is cack) dll. This didn’t work though so despite Firefox reporting Flash (is cack) was installed, I couldn’t view any Flash (is cack) content as Firefox seemed to think it was installed elsewhere.

The solution was to close Firefox, delete the pluginreg.dat file from my Firefox profile directory and then restart Firefox which forces it to re-register the plugin location correctly.

Did I mention Flash is cack?


One Response to When Firefox plugins don’t plug-in

  1. j7n says:

    That is the right way to install Flash and bypass the bloated installer and avoid putting rubbish updaters into the system.

    In modern Firefox the Flash plugin goes into: Firefox\Browser\Plugins

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