Brown accepts responsibility for losing election (but nothing else)

Pathological liar and unelected PM Gordon Brown has appeared with his wife on crap morning TV show GMTV to be "interviewed" by overpaid giggling imbecile Lorraine Kelly, she of the Scottish accent nobody understands.

In a carefully staged attempt at PR with a patsy host, Gordy McTitanic declared he would take full responsibility for Labour losing the election, as if there was actually any notion that it might be someone else’s fault. The Bottler went on to announce his love for his wife live on national TV in a quite embarrassing performance that was not so much interview as a simpering Lorraine Kelly fawning over Dear Leader’s every word.

No mention about apologising for the last 13 years of Labour that left Britain bankrupt with McBruin at the helm. It would be simply too much to expect sulking, hulking, brooding bullyboy Brown to accept responsibility or show any kind of remorse, regret or apology for wrecking the economy.


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