Jobs says Flash is crap

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, has declared that Adobe Flash will not be coming to the iPhone/iPad because it’s too slow, unreliable, buggy and drains the battery too quickly. Amen to that.

Job also cited that Flash is oriented towards personal computers and doesn’t lend itself well to handheld devices with a touch screen interface. Furthermore, security is a concern and Flash would add another layer between developers and Apple which won’t sit comfortably with control freak Jobs.

Whilst I’m no fan of the iPad, which is the most overhyped glorified piece of crap since the iPhone, I agree with Jobs on this. The sooner the online world dumps Flash like the cheap hooker it is and reverts to HTML5 for properly integrating audio and video into web pages, the better. And the iPhone, rubbish as it is, can cope perfectly well without Flash as the gazillion useless time wasting apps on the App Store will testify.

Flash has absolutely no place running on any device, handheld or otherwise. It’s like some vast bloated toad wallowing in its own crapulence, eager to consume all the resources available, a bit like the increasingly large Adobe Reader software that has inexplicably been swelling in size for no good reason. I mean is it really necessary for a 37MB download just to read a bloody PDF document?

The other thing with Flash is that it encourages lazy programming. No need to optimise code or worry about size, the end user can sort that out by upgrading to a computer with a CPU quicker than the mainframes NASA has for finding black holes.

The ONLY thing Flash should be used for is games and the occasional video. Absolutely no need for Flash based ads, menus, demos, tutorials, downloads, MP3’s, complicated navigation, shitty 3D models or 1001 other spivvy tools and applications that are about as useful as a kipper with knickers on.

If you use Firefox, install the Flashblock add-on and never ever again be bothered by Flash bloatware.


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