The curse of bin blight

Walk down any road in the UK today and you will undoubtedly notice the curse of bin blight as far as the eye can see. These obnoxious ugly green and brown bins foisted upon us by the wretched EU now litter the streets together with their bastard offspring of smaller green slop buckets for food waste.

Many moon ago before a LieBour government got their filthy paws on the levers of government, your bin would be duly emptied weekly by a chap who’d pop into your garden, carry the bin to the dustcart, empty it and then put it back exactly where it was taken from. Now, thanks to LieBours lunatic obsession with health & safety, carbon emissions, non-existent global warming, box ticking and a million other pointless jobs that are wholly unnecessary, voters are forced to separate household waste into paper, glass, tins, recyclable, non-recyclable, food, grass cuttings and a million other different types just so it can all eventually be dumped in the same place.

And on top of all that, the public are forced to put their own bins out on the street on the right day at the right time for waste collection. Meanwhile, council tax which is supposed to include "refuse collection" has soared to levels that a hot air balloonist would be proud of despite public services have gotten worse. The finger of blame for this nonsense can be pointed firmly at LieBour.

Since coming into the power on the back of a manifesto that consists of nothing but lies, LieBour have been busy dreaming up ever more inventive ways to tax the population complete with an exciting range of punishments for non compliance. This stupidity over recycling can be traced back to the Brussels bunkers where Eurocrats have issued a series of directives ordering LieBour to impose ever more ludicrous cons on the gullible electorate.

Hence, leave your bin a few inches from the edge of the road and it won’t be emptied under health and safety "rules". Put the wrong kind of refuse in the wrong colour bin and the council apparatchiks will do everything to fine you an amount that could bail out Greece. Even something as trivial as leaving the bin lid open by a couple of centimetres is likely to incur punishment complete with some nasally jobsworth snooping around your back garden to catch “repeat offenders".

The other side of this coin is far more sinister. The crap wheelie bins now adorning our landscape are all sold and patented by a German company who’ve gotten filthy rich off the back of this sanctimonious recycling claptrap. No surprise then that the proliferation of bins has enriched nobody apart from the Germans, LieBour and certain council busy bodies who no doubt get a meaty backhander. Don’t think for one moment that the objective is to increase recycling levels, LieBour is interested purely in how best to rob voters by proxy, in this case an asinine bunch of rules designed to increase council tax and proliferate the number of LieBour voting council jobsworths.

What’s particularly galling is that the public are being forced to sort out waste for recycling only to see it all dumped into the same cart before being shipped over somewhere else for it to be resorted (or just kept as is and used as landfill). In other words, the whole exercise of sorting household waste is a complete and utter waste of time and money, an initiative that fits in well with LieBour’s other half-assed policies.

And the concept of using a slop bucket for left over food waste is just bloody disgusting, are LieBour seriously expecting us to live like pigs and having to keeping rotting food in the house with all the obvious health hazards that entails?

FFS vote this bunch of lying thieving Socialist b*****d scum out of office NOW before they pass a law condemning us all to living in sties and feeding off leftovers.


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