Arrogant two faced PM calls loyal voter bigot

Two faced hypocrite and despised unelected PM Gordon Brown has been caught describing Gillian Duffy, a lifelong Labour voter and pensioner, as a bigot because she dared to question His Gordoness about immigration.

Gillian Duffy had popped out to the shops when she spotted Brown and his useless entourage buggering round with a staged "community payback" stunt involving a bunch of planted cronies pretending to pick up litter.

Mrs Duffy thought she’d take the opportunity to ask Gordy a few questions. After all, surely that’s what it’s all about, the politicians getting on with the job of meeting ordinary folk instead of hand picked stooges who fawn and bow and go down on bended knee to open doors before McBroon The Magnificent?

Biding her time and without interrupting, Mrs Duffy politely asked McBottle about the economy (he wrecked) and her pension (he stole) before questioning the dour useless Scot about immigration. "You can’t say anything about the immigrants," said Mrs Duffy, "but all these East Europeans what are coming in, where are they flocking from?"

A perfectly reasonable question from an ordinary old lady with genuine concerns, a question that millions of other voters would ask in the same circumstances. However, Crash Gordon pulled a face and muttered some meaningless statistic about as many Brits leaving the UK as there were East Europeans settling here before beating a hasty retreat to the privacy of his chauffeur driven Jag.

What Brown didn’t realise because he’s too stupid and obsessed with spin was that his microphone was still switched on so the press could hear his every word once in the car. And so it was that the whole world heard Brown describe Mrs Duffy as "just a sort of bigoted woman who said she used to be Labour".

When confronted about this later on in the day during a radio phone in, McBruin held his head in hands and started stuttering out the worlds supply of excuses, blame and apologies but it was too late; the damage had been done and our reviled PM had been caught hook, line, sinker and copy of Anglers Weekly.

LieBour’s election campaign, already a complete and utter disaster much like Gormless Brown himself, is now dead in the water. When told that Brown referred to her as a bigot, Mrs Duffy was horrified and said she won’t be voting Labour again. Gordy later telephoned Mrs Duffy to apologise but then decided it better PR to show the world just how "profoundly sorry" he was and stomped off to her house in person before emerging 40 minutes later with the kind of sickly inane grin that’s just itching for a slap.

This is the thing about Gordon Brown. He is a nasty, skulking, backbiting bully and total control freak of the very worst kind. The natural reaction from New LieBour when challenged about immigration is that you are either a bigot, racist or ignorant or all of the above. This particular episode has just laid bare the type of person Brown really is and why he’s totally unfit for sorting rubbish let alone attempting to run the country. Gillian Duffy merely voiced the concerns of millions of voters with immigration being the second most important issue for voters after the economy yet Brown attempted to brush it under the carpet as a trivial matter.

Of course, the Nu LieBour spiv spin machine swung into full action with Captain Meddlesome and First Mate Balls (up) at the helm desperately attempting to manage a damage limitation exercise. Brown claimed he was "mortified" and "profoundly sorry" and even wheeled out the ball and chain to try and win the sympathy vote in a pathetic show of regret. Truth is that Brown was only mortified and profoundly sorry that he got caught insulting a loyal voter and that’s all you need to know about this psychologically flawed deranged incompetent fool. He and the rest of his robbing gang of champagne socialists hold voters in complete contempt and are in office for the sole purpose of self enrichment.

Remember this come May 6.


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