Tories axe public payroll (about time too)

The Tories have revealed plans to axe around £2bil from the public payroll at a potential cost of 40k jobs. I have no problem with this providing it includes MP’s, peers, all quangos, NHS managers/accountants, dustbin snoopers, CCTV operators, councillors that sit on committees, the idiots responsible for carving up the roads into bus lanes and any job that has "diversity", "equality", "enforcement", "monitor", "climate change" or "facilitator" in it.

Add to this list the council department responsible for sitting back and doing nothing when thieving gippo’s set up illegal settlements yet fine you if you so much as put the bin out on the wrong day, the bunch of muppets who spend their time twinning the town with places nobody’s ever heard of and any other non job that has more than three words in the title.

Oh, and don’t forget the useless beancounters who produce mountains of inane paperwork in every language except Plain English and then ensure our taxes are spent mailing out ten copies to each household.


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