A glass and a half for sleazy Cadbury CEO

Now that our lousy traitorous Government has allowed Cadbury, one of our last remaining independent British companies, to be sold for peanuts to crap plastic cheese giant Kraft, no time has been wasted in shutting the UK Cadbury factory with the loss of 400 jobs so that production can be moved to Poland.

Dimwit PM Gordon Brown insisted that Cadbury workers would be protected from any job losses saying "we are determined that, at a time when people are worried about their jobs, that jobs in Cadbury can be secure". Of course, when The Bottler insists that he’s determined to do anything about anything you can bet your last Dairy Milk that it will be of absolutely no benefit to UK workers or the economy.

And so it is that just a week after the hostile takeover and Kraft promising to keep the UK factory open, a key factor in persuading clueless shareholders to vote for the takeover, the plastic cheese eating American slobs have announced that 400 Cadbury’s workers will be sacked and the Cadbury factory in Somerset closed so that Polish workers can benefit from the British Jobs for Foreign Workers policy of Brown and his EU obsessed cronies.

Professional toad and ex-Cadbury CEO Todd Stitzer, a man with a face that could scare flies off a manure truck, could barely contain his glee at having sold off Cadbury cheap and appeared grinning on TV as he collected a bumper package consisting of £2mil bonus, annual salary of £1mil, an obscene £12mil pension and the right to cash in shares worth almost £9mil. Yes folks, you heard that right, this despicable pasty faced American spiv responsible for the loss of 400 UK jobs and selling off Cadbury shares at 30% less than the market value will swan off with over £20mil.

You can expect the quality of Cadbury’s chocolate to slide downhill very rapidly once production shifts to Poland. In the meantime, if anyone see’s Stitzer running away with his bag of swag, do feel free to set the Cadbury’s gorilla on this leering overpaid dirtbag.


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