The Great Global Warming Con

Useless lefty eco-mentalists, the Met Office has warned Britain to brace itself for further snowfall this week that could, gasp, reach almost 4 inches. The Met Office, which can’t accurately predict yesterday’s weather let alone the week ahead, also forecast snow across the London region earlier this month that failed to materialise.

Over the years, the Met Office has been used by the BBC as the official propaganda wing of the Great Global Warming scam. It’s no coincidence that the recent Global Warming CONference in Copenhagen failed to reach agreement on anything other than the use of a fleet of petrol guzzling limousines to whisk the "delegates" from the airport to the conference hall.

There are two things particularly galling and hypocritical about the whole scam; firstly, why on God’s Green Earth does the worlds supply of eco dullards have to fly in for a conference about carbon emissions when their mere attendance is a major contributing factor in making the alleged problem worse?

Secondly, it was revealed at the CONference that the whole global warming issue was just a scam perpetrated by leading scientists who admitted that in fact there was no evidence of increased global warming caused by man made activity and that the planet had been heating up and cooling down for millions of years. In other words, at a conference about global warming, it was revealed that there was no global warming and it had been used as by countless number of governments as an excuse for tax rises and to force us all to buy environmentally friendly crap we don’t need.

Meanwhile back at the Met Office and BBC, the phrase Global Warming has been swiftly replaced by the more generic term of Climate Change that pretty much encompasses everything. We are now being lectured to the rafters about it being the result of "climate change" if it’s too hot, too cold, too windy or too dry. Of course it’s bloody climate change, we live in a country  with 4 seasons where the f*****g climate changes 4 times a year!

This is so stupid it’s not even funny. The Met Office muppets warn about snow in February and attribute this to "climate change" seemingly forgetting that one would expect snow in winter. Similarly, a rash of doom ridden prophecies about a melting hot summer in June are delivered with glee as if this would be a serious exception to the rule of expecting hot weather in summer.

It does make you wonder exactly what qualifications and years of intensive training you need to be able to predict the weather. The answer of course is none but the Met Office and BBC have to justify the 6 figure salaries paid to these spivs who parade on our TV screens for all of 5 mins, puffed up with self importance whilst they spout off the latest climate changing wheeze.


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