Shameless Brown weeps in attempt to win over voters

Plumbing new depths of desperation and hypocrisy, deranged unelected fraudulent PM Gordon Brown has appeared on TV in an "interview" by old chum and Labour creep Piers Morgan to openly weep about the tragic death of his daughter. Brown is famously private about his family and personal life and said in a Labour Party conference speech "Some people have been asking why I haven’t served my children up for spreads in the papers. And my answer is simple. My children aren’t props; they’re people".

However, with an election just weeks away, Brown’s Presbyterian conscious and morals have been slung out of the window in a vain attempt to win sympathy with the electorate. Whilst nobody doubts the death of a child is tragic, for Brown to use this on TV in a blatant attempt to garner votes just weeks before an election is truly appalling and just goes to show what depths he will trawl if it offers even the slightest chance of clinging onto power.

His wife Sarah Brown is no better either, as a marketing and PR spiv, she must have been behind this latest publicity offensive, and I mean that in the literal sense. Unsurprisingly the camera panned to the audience where Sarah was sitting looking teary in between shots of Brown’s vain attempt at empathy in a toe-curling moment that bore all the hallmarks of a shallow stage managed political point scoring exercise.

It’s no coincidence either that on the same day Brown was sobbing in his cup of sorrows and trying to win the pity votes, Tony Bliar’s sleazy spin doctor and loyal lapdog Alastair Campbell appeared "emotional" on TV when questioned by Andrew Marr over the illegal invasion of Iraq. The obnoxious Campbell is one of the chief architects of the New Labour project and genetically incapable of telling the truth or showing any degree of integrity, honesty or regret which is about par for LieBour.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this Machiavellian Scot had some kind of apparatus wired up his sleeve so he could blub on tap like Gazza when the right moment occurred. And that’s all you need to know about marketing spiv Campbell, he never does anything unless it’s been scrupulously calculated to provide some kind of political advantage.

New LieBour’s new con is to now cry for votes having wholly succeeded in pushing through mass immigration, benefits bribery, EU integration, social engineering and wholesale robbery to stay in office. Expect to see Brown et al show more crocodile tears for voters in a determined effort to persuade us that they’re not the hard hearted, two faced greedy underhanded cretinous b*****ds we thought they were.

And exactly why have LieBour chosen this exact moment to start bawling out their greedy little piggy eyes rather than 12 months earlier when the economy tanked?

Because they realise they’re doomed and that the electorate are not fooled. The sooner we kick this bunch of thieving Socialist scum into the long grass, or preferably into the sewer, the quicker we can start rebuilding this once great country that has been utterly wrecked by the likes of Bliar and Brown.


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