More than 300 MP’s ordered to pay back money they stole from taxpayer

The long awaited report by auditor Sir Thomas Legg over MP expenses has exposed the wholesale robbery of the taxpayer by thieving grasping MP’s who have fought tooth and nail to keep their expenses private. More than half of all the lousy parasites at Westminster have been ordered to repay money after having been found guilty of embezzlement, theft, corruption, sleaze and downright dishonesty in a roll of shame that covers all parties.

And in a move that will outrage voters everywhere, former High Court judge and professional toady, Sir Paul Kennedy has defended excessive MP claims whilst overturning dozens of others on appeal. This doddery old incompetent fool who lives in cloud cuckoo land is so far detached from reality that he shouldn’t have ever been a High Court judge in the first place on grounds of being overqualified for the job.

Meanwhile, MP’s of all parties wasted no time in trying to smear Sir Thomas Legg and appear in front of TV camera’s to bleat and whine about how victimised they feel and how "sorry" they are over the whole sleazy affair.

Top of the list of thieves with a bill of £40k is Barbara Follett, a Local Government Minister which means she wouldn’t find a job stacking shelves at Tesco in the real world, who claimed for security patrols, art insurance, boiler insurance, phones lines, pest control and God knows what else. She appeared on TV with an ill disguised look of contempt for the electorate and a smirk pasted all over her face that said "screw you voters".

And then there are smug husband and wife Tory couple Andrew Mackay and Julie Kirkbride, you’d be hard pressed to find a more despicable duo who so obviously connived and collaborated to rob taxpayers for every last penny whilst lying through their back teeth.

All these lousy cheating scum sucking rats festering in the House of Conmen need to be slung out of office, fined heavily and then jailed for a minimum of 5 years. Failing that, shooting every single one of the rotten corrupt b*****ds would do just fine.


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