Brown does his best to rig election

Delusion bullying madman and expert liar, Gordon Brown has declared that he will try to ram through election reforms by promising to offer a referendum on proportional representation. In a last minute desperate attempt to cling onto power by appeasing the LibDumbs, Gormless Gordy obviously thinks that given the world of problems facing Britain, caused entirely by his fiscal policies and the shower of incompetent spivs he calls a Cabinet, election reform is obviously what’s needed.

Wrong referendum McBottle you stupid man, the only one we want is the one you promised about leaving the rubbish EU before you slunk off and signed away our rights to your Eurocrap masters. And whilst you’re at it, you might also want to hold a referendum about whether you and the other bunch of thieving monkeys in Parliament should be thrown into jail on charges of fraud and treason.


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