Engineer Ed accuses Cameron of social engineering

Useless child catching weasel and scheming Schools Secretary Ed Balls has accused David Cameron of social engineering over Tory plans to offer tax breaks to married couples. Balls (the clue is in the name) is Mr Brown’s closest companion and has been a chief architect in creating a broken, bankrupt Britain along with carrying out his adored masters orders from behind the sofa where The Bottler is most comfortable.

Since taking on the title of Schools Secretary, hypocrite Balls has been instrumental in lowering the already shambolic standards of education in Britain through an obsession with pointless box ticking PC initiatives and determination to restrict the brightest pupils from entering the best schools.

As soon as this goggle-eyed goon entered Parliament, he’s wasted no time in fiddling his expenses to flip homes three times whilst his equally useless wife Yvette Cooper set about creating a burgeoning class of benefit dependent feckless layabout spongers who have no intention ever of working as long as the Nu LieBour teat is full of taxpayer cash for them to suckle on.

For serial liar Balls to accuse Cameron of social engineering shows breathtaking arrogance and contempt towards voters. Like Harriet Har-person, a meddling incompetent zealot of the worst kind who wouldn’t dream of doing an honest days work, Engineer Ed and the rest of the useless spivs in Government are "experts" on social engineering having spent the last 13 years in office doing their utmost to wreck Britain through Nu LieBour social engineering experiments and policies. The sooner this parasitic oaf and his waste-of-space wife are chucked into jail, the better.


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