New ad ups the funk

The new advert has hit the TV and it’s ace. The same catchy tune remains but it’s now accompanied by a proper ad with a budget and some funky camera angles instead of the old 80’s home computer graphics thing in the previous ad.

This new offering starts off with a guy in a suit sat behind a desk and you think it’s a boring ad about insurance or some other crap. Then the music kicks in and the guy leaps out from behind the desk to start busting some truly hilarious but really cool dance moves including The Running Man and a very slick moonwalk. All the while, the camera is swooping and ducking with crazy angles whilst a bunch of background dancers pull off some slick routines that could have come straight out of an MTV ad.

Some people find the music annoying but here’s the thing, everyone remembers it and surely it’s all about getting the message across and making it stick.

I hate ads in general but the ads are truly inspired with a jingle containing the web address that beats you relentlessly. This new version with people in and the manic dancing is even more funky and just goes to show that all you really need for a good ad is a simple idea with a great tune.


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