Brown wastes money on Britishness roadshow

Delusion cretin and useless PM Gordon Brown has wasted thousands of pounds on a pointless national roadshow to promote the concept of Britishness. This half-assed idea, dreamt up by Gordon "Bennett" Brown most likely during a 5 minute tea break in between working out how much more taxpayer cash he can squander, was announced to great fanfare and noise back in 2007 when the former Chancellor bullied his way into the PM’s office. Despite the change of PM, it bore all the hallmarks of yet another expensive Nu LieBour gimmick specifically designed to divert attention away from the car crash economy that Brown purposely created.

The roadshow was supposed to tour the country inviting people to consider what they thought should constitute a British Bill of Rights. Eight regional events were planned but party officials soon found out that voters couldn’t give 2 hoots about a stupid roadshow idea when there were enough complaints about bogus asylum seekers and lax immigration rules being ignored.

The result is that the LieBour party, ever willing to throw good money down the drain, ended up having to bribe people with cash payments for going to the roadshows. Councillors, public servants and other MP’s soon got wind of this waste of public funds and promptly distanced themselves from the catastrophe by refusing to attend.

This whole incident smacks of typical LieBour ineptness, particularly the brand wielded so effectively by Gormless McBroon. These dictatorial parasitic muppets have been in power for the last 12 years and worked determinedly to destroy everything that is British, obsessed with pointless PC initiatives, multicultural policies and open door immigration rules welcoming the world’s supply of bogus asylum seekers, robbers, thieves, cutthroats, vandals and spivs to take residence and claim benefits.

We’ve been lied to about a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and frogmarched into a Federal Europe without so much as a fight to win back powers willingly handed over to Brussels in exchange for token political gestures worth nothing to the British public. You can thank spineless American lapdog Tony B.Liar for having eroded everything that is British with cowardly Bottler McBrown, a man so thick you could use him as a butter knife, for finishing off the job.

Brown’s concept of Britishness is very simple: lie about the state of uncontrolled immigration, ensure the UK is fully assimilated into a vast bureaucratic EU wasteland and destroy Sterling once and for all so that the Euro is introduced as soon as possible.

The most important common value that unites the British public is in despising Gordon Brown. Just call a general election and clear off for good, the British people are sick of you, the corrupt fools you "govern" alongside, and everything your tired, lame and incompetent party stands for.


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