Robbery resumes as Parliament opened for thieves

The tawdry parade that is the Queen’s state opening of Parliament took place earlier this week with a grinning, leering John Bercow in full regalia as the ring master of an appalling crew of shysters, con-merchants, spivs and various other has-been chancers now lapping up the swill in the Lords.

These champagne socialists watching from the sidelines adore the ermine and are positively salivating at the prospect of their next step-up the ladder of opportunism to that previously hated institution. But what the hell, all their mates have already made the transition from Poacher to Gamekeeper and they seem to be doing rather well in it.

Given that so many of these corrupt cretins can be expected to be booted out at the next election, it’s no wonder the queue to join the unelected nest of gilded pickpockets stretches as far back as the wild wastelands of Scotland.

Never mind a state opening, Liz should have just dissolved Parliament to force a general election.


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