Cowardly Cameron caves in to Labour treachery

With the Czech president Vaclav Klaus finally capitulating on the despised and widely reviled Lisbon Treaty, it was left to Tory leader David Cameron to flush this toilet paper down the latrine once in office. Chameleon Cameron gave voters a "cast iron" promise back in 2007 that "if I become PM, a Conservative government will hold a referendum on any EU treaty that emerges from these negotiations".
However, with President Klaus finally admitting defeat, Cameron has done a U-turn worthy of the Labour party and declared there will be no referendum on Europe should he win power. Instead, Dave the Cave is offering a pathetically superficial pledge that no further powers will be transferred to the arrogant federalist b*****ds in Brussels and that he will fight to regain powers given away for free by spineless traitors Gordon Brown and Tony BLiar, both of whom lied to the electorate and refused to hold a referendum despite earlier promises.
That Cameron has given in without so much as a fight is proof positive that all these lying MP’s are the same and care not one jot for what the voters want. Two Tory Euro MP’s have resigned in protest against cowardly Cameron’s kowtowing to the Euro mafia whilst France’s Europe Minister Pierre Lellouche put the boot in further by declaring "nobody is going to indulge in rewriting treaties for many, many years".

Cameron at a fell stroke has lost a massive share of the popular vote on this single issue and made to appear weak, indecisive and no better than the current administration. Yes, LieBour are the architects of this travesty and yes, BLiar, Brown and the rest of the lying useless LieBour spivs should be thrown in jail for treason but Cameron should at least have held a referendum as promised on whether we the public want in or out of the whole Eurocrap project. That would have provided a far stronger argument and mandate for Cameron to claw back our sovereignty and governance from the EUSSR but instead, the Tory party is in danger of a massive split before the general election, the very topic that helped John Major’s government lose the election in 97.

Custard Cameron claims that the Lisbon Treaty cannot be unpicked once it becomes European Law. Absolute Bollocks! F**k the Euro project and just pull out, we want British law for British people. There’s no reason why the UK can’t just immediately call a halty to Euro federalism, stop immigration and refuse to give a penny to the grinning apparatchiks in Brussels who have bled us dry. What’s the rest of the EU going to do? London is one of the world’s financial capitals and they need us far more than we need them. 

So here’s the current deal. A lame duck government with an unelected Prime Minister (and his lying traitorous predecessor) reneging on a manifesto pledge, endorses a Constitution masquerading as a Treaty in an unwanted EU represented by an unelected president. The PM in waiting refuses to do anything about it despite a long standing promise. Where’s the democracy in that?


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