Bent Bercow refuses request for transparency

Grinning greedy b*****d and serial preening fraudster John Bercow has refused a request from LibDem leader Nick Clegg to widen the scope of the MP expense audit to include the flipping of homes and theft of taxpayer money.

Clegg is to be commended for trying to restore public faith in Parliament but bent Bercow said "it would take too long and require too much work" which beggars belief given that this corrupt crooked Speaker vowed to clean up the sleaze left by his predecessor. As one of the worst offenders of flipping homes to avoid paying capital gains tax, Bercow has burgled from the electorate in order to make a tidy tax free profit using voter money so it’s no surprise that he’ll fight tooth and nail to cover up the theft.

Fagin John is the worst example of a scum sucking career politician who is in Parliament purely for self-enrichment and to hell with the voters. Now that the pigs’ snouts are being yanked from the taxpayers’ trough, expect this grasping pig-in-chief to squeal the loudest if any attempt is made to restore dignity, transparency and honesty to the House of Commons.


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