Thieving MP’s appoint lawyers to block expense probe

LieBour MP’s have warned that any police investigation into their taxpayer funded expenses would breach parliamentary privilege which is basically politicians whining on about having the right to steal cash and do whatever they want. As the noose tightens around Westminster, (dis)honourable members of all members have even started consulting lawyers in a shocking display of arrogance, sleaze and pure insolence.

Five senior LieBour MP’s have even taken it a step further and threatened to resign if the Rozzer’s start poking around their expense claims. Good! Bring it on I say and let this bunch of thieving and conniving liars be investigated, stripped of all assets and chucked into jail. Bloated and engorged with the cream of stealth taxes that have rocketed under Gordon Brown, these champagne socialists have never known an honest days work in their wretched lives.

The Tories are no better either, there are still plenty of upper crust type country half wits in the party who wouldn’t think twice about eating dinner off their man servant and claiming expenses for a ride-on mower.

As for parliamentary privilege, never mind parliamentary responsibilities, when it comes to money matters all you hear is these scheming treacherous pickpockets bleating about their rights.

The fact is that MP’s relinquished all rights when they began abusing tax payers’ money – when they began thieving from the public purse to build property portfolios – when they claimed "second" home allowance whilst lodging in a sister’s spare room – when they began claiming for moats, duck houses, patio heaters, pornographic films and garden furniture – when married couples both claimed for the same "second" home – when some claimed for mortgages which had been already paid off.

The electorate is seething over these arrogant greedy MP’s with their snouts firmly in the trough who think they’re above the law and insist they did nothing wrong. We the public fully support a police investigation and are furious that the corrupt parasitic shysters in Parliament leeching off the public purse STILL DO NOT GET IT.

We demand retribution. You robbing MP bandits broke the law; you stole money from voters and now its payback time. See you in court or preferably, thrown into the Thames with an anchor round your necks.


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