PM warns of catastrophe but not the one he created

Inept PM and professional coward, Gordon Brown has given a patronising lecture on the "dangers" of climate change. In an apocalyptic warning worthy of even the most deranged lunatic, and there’s plenty of those to choose from in the Labour party, Broon the Goon said the world is facing a catastrophe of epic proportions with killer droughts, floods and heatwaves occurring regularly unless global emissions are cut.

According to Doomsayer McBruin, there will be a human, ecological and economic disaster if temperatures continue to rise. This is in addition to the current economic disaster caused entirely by Brown and his inability to comprehend basic financial accounting but strangely enough, he didn’t want to mention that.

Gormless Gordy was addressing the international forum on energy and climate change, presumably a committee set up for the sole purpose of jetting around the world on lavish jollies, ahead of a Copenhagen summit to be held in December to discuss the Kyoto Protocol that everyone apart from Britain seems to have ignored. World leaders are divided over how best to cut emissions chiefly because everyone knows the whole exercise is pointless unless China, India and other developing nations that belch out the most pollutants act first.

Not so Mr Brown who says we have a mere 50 days to thrash out a deal for saving the planet and believes he’s the man for the job. The delusion cretin still thinks he is the saviour of the world and has pledged to fly to Copenhagen (plane to follow behind) in a bid to strut around on the world stage and try and find a lucrative new gig (preferably one that doesn’t require any knowledge of economics) for when he gets booted out of office next year.

As for poorer developing countries demanding cash from richer nations to help with climate change, you bet your ass they’ll demand more cash but not for climate change. Expect free money to be handed out by Brown like it was going out of fashion and to be equally frittered away by despots, diplomats and banana republics to prop up their own self-enriching governments and regimes.

The truth of course is that this is all about tax. Just another hustle to bleed the electorate dry under the tired ruse of climate change, global warming, carbon emissions or any other non-existent environmental scam that can be dreamt up.

The biggest catastrophe by far to hit Britain has been BLiar and Broon with their treacherous and thoroughly rotten bunch of useless LieBour misfits who have wrecked a country through meddling centralised state control, financial mismanagement and a social engineering agenda dictated directly from the automatons in Brussels.

As for killer floods, the UK is already drowning in a sea of debt perpetrated entirely by the accounting shambles of Bonehead McBottle so nothing further to worry about there.


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