Downing Street holds car boot sale

Dimwit PM Gordon Brown has announced a fire sale of UK assets (or what’s left of them) as he desperately tries to raise cash for funding another 4 weeks of LieBour’s reckless spending spree. With Britain totally bankrupt due to the fiscal policies of Prudence McBruin himself, our dullard of a PM has decided to scrape the bottom of the barrel and resort to auctioning off the family bronze, gold having already been sold to the cheapest bidder after Gormless Gordy announced his grand plan to the world thus ensuring the market was flooded. The price of gold now is more than four times the amount it was when Bonehead McBrown flogged it off.

This time round, it’s the turn of the Dartford Crossing, Channel Tunnel, student loan book and nationalised bookies Tote to be subjected to McBaldricks financial wizardry and total lack of economic sense, or indeed, any kind of sense. With the usual disregard for accurate forecasting or future cash flows, a grinning Brown appeared on GMTV to boast about his plans to save £billions.

Selling at the bottom of the market is an art that Brown the Clown has perfected during his 12 years experience of wrecking the UK finances. Doing so again is just plain ignorance and bears all the hallmarks of yet another dubious ill-thought out money raising hatchet job to try and raise a meagre amount that won’t last.

Whilst selling off assets is perfectly feasible, the economic track record of this delusion lunatic is mediocre to say the least so voters can expect another Government fiasco garnished with the usual backhanders and cash bungs ensuring the taxpayer gets the worst possible deal whilst the UK’s wealth ends up in the hands of foreign investors.

Of course, the solution to raising money is to simply cut the billions given as overseas aid and to the EU but LieBour and especially thick head Brown don’t do simple. McBottle has the audacity to claim he exercises prudence and that there will be no return to boom and bust. The reality is that Brown, like the rest of Nu LieBour, knows only how to waste money, opportunities and lives. He has robbed us off our pensions, taxed everyone to death, saddled businesses with red tape and burdened the entire nation with a debt that will take decades to pay off.

And let’s not forget that LieBour previously stated the tolls charged on the Dartford Crossing would be stopped once it had paid for itself. By selling it off cheap during a recession, LieBour are now guaranteeing the crossing will never be free.

Well done Gordo, another astoundingly stupid idea to ruin our long term prosperity, you have destroyed the economy and country through your incompetence and stupidity.


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