A lame duck speech from a lame duck PM

It is party conference season again and unelected shithead PM Gordon Brown is out on a limb as he delivered a woeful performance at the LieBour party conference in Brighton.

Showing all the cowardly characteristics that he’s renowned for, Goon McBroon didn’t have the guts to get up on stage without first having someone butter up the sycophantic LieBour stooges and spivs ready to clap and cheer Gormless as if he’s the Messiah.

McCavity bottled it (bottle number 532 and counting) as usual and instead got his wife to introduce him as some kind of misunderstood genius that has the UK’s best interests at heart. A gushing Sarah Brown duly got up to the platform to deliver a eulogy that had the UK electorate wondering who the hell she was talking about:

"I know he’s not a saint: he’s messy, he’s noisy, he gets up at a terrible hour but I know that he wakes up every morning and goes to bed every evening thinking about the things that matter. I know he loves our country and I know he will always, always put you first."

It was a pathetic attempt at spin; voters have long known that McCavity hates the UK and is guaranteed to put British interests last. Shirker Brown never goes to bed thinking about the things that matter, all he is concerned with is self-enrichment and how he can cling onto power for as long as possible. Brown has never stood up for Middle England and never will. He despises strong family values, decency, honesty and those who word hard to better themselves.

No other PM in history (and Chancellor) has done more to destroy the country and even now as Britain lurches ever forward towards bankruptcy thanks to McBonehead, our unelected and reviled PM was still making absurd spending promises, convinced that only he is the man for "getting on with the job" and sorting out the mess that his own policies created.

Thus we had slack-jawed announcements on:

  • Referendums about proportional representation (LieBour trying to rig the election system before they are booted into oblivion)
  • Putting teenage mums and their offspring into Victorian workhouses (but no mention about tackling the root causes of teenage pregnancy)
  • Increased foreign aid (f*** the foreign aid, there’s no money left you dumb bastard!)
  • Crackdown on anti-social behaviour (they’ve had 12 years to sort it out)
  • Free childcare for the idle and feckless benefit dependents (total cost: kick the Middle Classes in the balls)

Throughout this ghastly spectacle, the rest of the Nu LieBour cabinet grinned, smirked and applauded every point as if this was policy making par excellence. Particularly nauseating was a grinning Neil Kinnock, ever the useless champagne socialist intent on self-enrichment in the pocket of his EU pimps, mouthing "great speech" after the debacle.

Brown has serious personality deficiencies that makes him unfit to shine shoes let alone hold any kind of political office, or indeed, any rank higher than Auxiliary Milk Monitor. Gordy McBean is an obnoxious, bad tempered liar who knows he’s lying and cannot bear to think he is ever wrong. The ruinous legacy that Tony Bliar and Brown have left behind after 12 years of damage is staggering:

  • Sold off our gold at bargain basement prices
  • Raided pension pots to fritter away our money on crackpot schemes
  • Opened up the UK borders as a magnet for the world’s supply of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers
  • Massively increased the number of public-service non-jobs to buy votes
  • Took us into an illegal war and invasion to secure lucrative oil contracts
  • Increased interference and intrusion into every aspect of civilian life
  • Stole money off the taxpayer to claim as "expenses" that were "within the rules"
  • Lied about providing a referendum on the wretched EU constitution
  • Sold off peerages to the highest bidder in exchange for cash donations
  • Created a bureaucratic NHS stuffed with beancounters instead of trained medical staff
  • Introduced huge numbers of stealth taxes designed to rob voters under the guise of environmental causes
  • Insisted on pushing through costly ID cards to create the ultimate survelliance state
  • Drastically reduced educational standards through making exams easier and forcing teachers to tick boxes and scale league tables
  • Refused to be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime
  • Victimised the victims and introduced the human rights act to protect criminals
  • Encouraged a life of benefits by penalising working families and rewarding workshy scroungers
  • Taxed, taxed and taxed again to give money to the feckless shirkers and feral yobs who roam the streets
  • Engineered a boom and bust economy through lunatic fiscal policy to create the worst recession the country has seen for 60 years

After 12 years of LieBour we have a bankrupt economy that our children and grandchildren will be paying for decades to come.

We the voters will not forget and when the time comes, this mob of despicable, arrogant, useless, cheating, lying, thieving, robbing, inept, morally corrupt shysters who sold us out to Euroland and took us into an illegal war will be firmly kicked out of office for good.


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