Mad Hattie in Wonderland over sex expenses

Spiteful good-for-nothing "Equalities Minister", Harriet Harman has announced yet another crackpot man-hating initiative designed to satisfy her greedy ego and nothing else. This time round, it’s a desperate rant about banning companies from claiming tax rebates for expenses on visits to lap dancing clubs because it exploits women.

Quite apart from the fact that nobody forces these girls to strip, unsurprisingly this new plan of Harridan’s doesn’t extend to female colleagues such as ex Home Secretary Jacqui Smith who claims her husband’s porn movies on parliamentary expenses. Hypocritical Har-person goes on to stress that the taxpayer shouldn’t be propping up the sex industry but it’s ok for the husband of an MP to do so.

This wretched inane awful hag has nothing better to do with her time and as Equalities Minister, a typical Nu Liebour post created for somebody with no talent, no competency and with no useful purpose in office, Har-person has been poking her nose into whatever headline grabbing narrow minded vindictive feminist rubbish she can concoct in between abusing expense claims (£127k and counting for the year ending 2008).

All things being equal for this despised and wholly unnecessary Equalities Minister, Harridan will be booted out of office next year and consigned to the scrap heap for good.


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