Meddling council tax Gestapo given handbook to snoop

As part of Nu LieBour’s grand scheme to ensure everyone lives in squalor, poverty and with no discernable income over and above board what the state deems acceptable (about £1.50 per hour unless you’re an MP), all council inspectors have been armed with a Big Brother handbook that details what steps can be taken to snoop around private property for "council tax evaluation" purposes. This evil plan concocted by the socialist bastards at Whitehall, rubber stamped by Gordon Brown and implemented by his fawning foot soldiers in local government, is designed to hit the middle classes as hard as possible with further tax rises to pay for Gormless McCavity’s incompetence in having squandered the UK’s wealth.

There are 3 fundamental tenets of any LieBour government policy;

1. Tax people to within an inch of their life (and then tax them again when they’re dead) to extract as much money as possible for the state to waste on pointless vanity projects and self-entitlement

2. Grind everyone down to the level of working class poverty so there is a clear divide between those in power and the rest of the country who are lorded over by a bunch of corrupt champagne socialists eager to taste the trappings of power

3. Squander all the money received through tax receipts and then implement a scorched earth policy to leave the country totally bankrupt and in ruins for the next regime to sort out

The Valuation Agency Office is the highly dubious office responsible for issuing the book and has a spiteful agenda to evaluate the council tax bands for all the homes in the UK with a remit to drag as many as possible into a higher tax band (see no. 1 above). This is done through taking into account the most trivial of amendments to your home so even if you treat the window sills to a fresh lick of paint, this counts as a "home improvement" subject to a re-evaluation into a higher council tax bracket. This tax is then used to prop up the fat pensions of the very same army of council tax inspectors and beancounters in local government as well as fund the ridiculous pet projects that serve no useful purpose (see no. 3 above). Think the Croydon Auxiliary Lesbian Hopscotch Initiative For Diversity Integration and you get the picture!

More disturbing, the handbook uses a tone of language frequently found in Orwellian LieBour initiatives that implies everyone is guilty as charged. Hence, the Valuation Agency Office talks about "catching" out home owners with "value significant" features and goes into detail about snooping around houses, prowling through dustbins and raiding Estate Agent adverts for any clues to home improvement. Not withstanding cosmetic appearances and refurbishment, the handbook also extends to penalising citizens living in a pleasant neighbourhood, having a nice view from a bedroom window or even being part of a community with decent local amenities.

Make no mistake, the politics of envy that this corrupt and filthy Zanu Liebour government practice are based entirely around penalising honest, decent and law-abiding individuals and families who’ve work hard to provide for their families and better themselves without sponging off the state (see no. 2 above). LieBour despises this and is out to tax your money and your hard work to support a growing army of benefit dependents, pikey’s, illegal immigrants and anyone else who they can bribe through a promise of free cash for zero return. Simplicity and efficiency are unknown concepts for control freak McCavity Broon who prefers draconian centralised micro-management with millions of inept rules supported by a bloated civil service.

Time and time again, we have seen how a socialist government always leaves the country utterly ruined. This new stealth tax by Gordon McDimwit is not the first and is unlikely to the last that this despised fool uses to plug the black hole he himself created in the country’s finances.


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