Harridan in delusion bid for PM job

Serial man-hater and clueless "deputy" leader, Harriet Harman has begun assembling a team of loyal toadies (membership: 2) in preparation for a leadership challenge against Gordon Brown whose own paper-thin support within the Labour Party has been reduced even further after election chiefs turned their back on the reviled unelected PM. A widespread boycott of McCavity Broon’s election campaign team has forced the useless tax-grabbing Scot to scrape the bottom of the barrel and pick from the dregs of the LieBour Party for which he’ll be spoilt for choice.

Having made so many enemies within LieBour whilst plotting to grab the top job of PM that he coveted so much, Gormless McBean and his notorious iron-hide stubbornness and inability to accept facts is now begging cap-in-hand for LieBour strategists to join his team in a desperate attempt to save the election and cling to power.

Meanwhile, the wretched and wholly irritating Hattie Har-person, a woman who would legislate against having male children given half the chance, seems to be under the delusion impression that local party members think of her as some kind of star performer capable of delivering where Beancounter McBrown has failed. Hell-bent on a mission of self-entitlement and enrichment, Harm-man is widely reviled within the ranks of Nu LieBour and has little hope of garnering much support.

That she managed to bag the deputy leader role at all in the first place merely reflects the mediocre calibre of candidates in LieBour with a lack of serious contenders resulting in Hattie winning more by default rather than by possessing any serious political ability. As with all the Cabinet, nobody in their right minds would employ this useless incompetent battleaxe for anything more taxing than flipping burgers and even then, you can bet your bottom dollar that Harridan would screw that up or more likely garnish it with some lunatic feminist twaddle.


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