China intent to kill off tigers

China has quietly approved the sale of products made from endangered animals including the tiger. This majestic beast has been targeted for centuries by the cruel and delusional Chinese who believe that the ground up bones of a tiger are the cure for all manner of highly dubious ailments.

With the tiger population in India at an all-time low, this stupid, greedy, self gratifying move is typical of the tyrannical and ignorant Chinese who have a long and illustrious history of treating any kind of animal with brutal contempt. There is absolutely no place in the civilised world for any country to hunt an endangered species to extinction.

It’s not just wildlife though; China is determined to ignore international pleas for anything remotely offensive including the reduction of carbon emissions and basic human rights in a country where both the media and civilians are censored to death.

Just one more reason to add to the growing list as to why the rest of the world should boycott this Communist hothouse of barbaric backward hicks.


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