Labour treachery costs every household 250 quid

The EU has always been like a vast pompous slug; unneeded, unnecessary, hated by all, full of slime and self importance and intent on oozing its way around the member states to munch up as much cash as possible. And nowhere is this more prominent than when dining on its favourite plant, the UK where we hand over £4 billion every year for a net return of f**k all.

Buried away in the small print of an official Treasury document that was quietly released before the summer recess, it has emerged that back in 2005, a grinning Tony Blair signed away much of the UK’s hard won rebate in a sinister plan to further ingratiate themselves with their European partners in crime. This cack-handed deal ensures every UK household will be paying over £250 annually just to fund the corrupt EU and was signed on condition of BLiar, surely the most odious villain ever to have sat at No. 10, to be given first shot as the new EU president.

As with anything remotely suspect, this bears all the hallmarks of Peter Mandelson having once again sold out the UK for whatever freebies he could embezzle whilst Gordon Brown, ever the dull-witted imbecile doggedly obsessed with LieBour spin and self-enrichment, was happy to pay loyal lapdog to his superiors and rubber-stamped the paperwork when he slunk into Lisbon like a coward to sign the new treaty hours after the other member states had done so. That Brown refused to sign the treaty with the other leaders just goes to show how spineless this man is.

The EU budget is used mainly for agriculture subsidies and ensuring Britain gets screwed out of any contributions it makes. Everybody hates it and nobody wants it. The trade agreements are as worthless as the Lisbon Treaty itself and Europhiles will inevitably whine on about how these are necessary to help the UK economy.

Rubbish! It’s perfectly acceptable to have trading agreements with our European neighbours without having any political, judicial or monetary union. It’s worked for Norway and Switzerland, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work for the UK, especially as we already have similar trading agreements with the US.

The EU is keen to retain UK membership to gain access to our money although Lord knows what’s left in the kitty given that McBroon sold off the gold reserves for tuppence and squandered our wealth on asylum seekers, immigrants, an enlarged welfare state and other pet social engineering projects. Inevitably, it’s the poorer countries and especially those that recently joined who have been clamouring for cash. The UK with its smaller farming sector gets little to nothing in return and the rebate was won back in the 80’s by Thatcher who otherwise did nothing else to rid us of the parasitic EU once and for all.

With a preening BLiar, gormless Bottler McBaldrick and grovelling Meddlesome Mandy determined on taking us into a federal EU in exchange for titles, more and more of the UK laws are now dictated by faceless bureaucrats in Brussels. That BLiar would sell out the UK for a vanity project is to be expected, as is the pro-Euro agenda pushed by former EU Trade Commissioner Mandy Pandy who took bribes from the Russians in exchange for lowering aluminium imports in their benefit. As for Bottler McStupid, he’s too dumb to realise when he’s being taken for a ride and his pandering to the EU is a pathetically clumsy attempt by a bit part player on the EU stage to get another 5 minutes of airtime.

Let’s not also forget that it was BLiar and his Nu LieBour rabble who promised the electorate a referendum on Europe only to renege on this with a lily-livered excuse that the Lisbon Treaty was "entirely different" to the original treaty. BLiar also claimed that the invasion of Iraq was not about oil and was the architect of the now infamous sexed up dossier, a shady ragtag collation of lies and fabrications put together by his cronies and specifically designed to take the UK to war under pretence of Iraq being capable of launching WMD’s in 45 minutes.

This whole thing has been meticulously engineered by Nu LieBour with BLiar at the helm. The treachery is staggering and if there was any justice (there isn’t since we adopted the EU human rights act), B.Liar and his smug idiotic grin would be locked up in the Tower with McBottle and Mr Meddle.

Regardless though, David Cameron has so far refused to condemn any aspect of the reviled EU super state hence it’s doubtful there would have been any resistance to signing the Lisbon Treaty with him in charge either. Fact is that we are being taken into a federal Europe by stealth and no party has the guts to call a halt to this pointless, expensive and totally unnecessary geo-political monstrosity.

As for the so-called anti-Euro parties, you hear precious little from them once they gain office. I’m guessing it’s the £60k MEP salary plus index linked tax-payer funded pension and all the perks they can cram into the trough that keeps them quiet.


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