WeBuyAnyCar.com ad hits all the right notes

The fickle world of TV advertising is an interesting one that tends to polarise opinion quite effectively. Because you can change channels and immediately skip thousands of pounds worth of effort in pushing a product or service, advertising "executives", and by that I mean those who failed their advertising spiv qualification exams, have been coming up with ever-more ingenious ways to grab our attention.

At the bottom end of the scale, you have stupid crap like Moonpig.com that’s currently the most effective way to dissuade a punter to buy a card online. Then you also have the annoying stuff like the WeBuyAnyCar.com ad. Except that it isn’t.

The WeBuyAnyCar.com ad is utterly, utterly brilliant. It may be repetitive, it may look as though the advertising budget was taken from the change left over after buying a bag of chips and it may have all the sophistication of a hen night in Middlesbrough but the hook is superbly infectious and sticks long after the ad has finished.

A super funky techno jingle immediately grabs your attention whilst the ad simply bombards you in rapid-fire style with the slogan "We Buy Any Car dot com" over and over and over again. The tune is hideously catchy and you’ll be humming it for hours later. Clearly, the aim is to ensure the viewer never forgets the website address but the address itself is also an advertising tool in that it exactly describes what the business is all about. Sheer genius!


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