Mini Movie Review: Knowing (2009)

Knowing starring Nic Cage was unfairly slated upon release but I really liked it. The movie is an eerie sci-fi thriller about an astrophysics professor John Koestler (Cage) whose son Caleb attends a school where 50 years earlier, a time capsule was buried containing children’s drawings of how the future might look. The time capsule is opened in the present time and the children are each given a drawing but Caleb’s depicts a page full of seemingly random numbers.

In between visitations from some mysterious and creepy figures, John eventually deciphers the numbers and discovers that they accurately predict the exact date, time and events to every major world disaster for the last 50 years. With 3 of the events yet to occur, John races against time to try and avert disaster whilst figuring out what the final code means.

The disaster scenes are frighteningly realistic, especially the terrifying airplane crash which will have you thinking twice about that next flight, and the film is both suspenseful and engaging offering a bleak view of the future that avoids the usual sugar coated Hollywood ending.

Score: 5/5


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