Harridan deranged in temporary PM role

With hapless Harriet Harman in charge for only a few more days and hell-bent on crowing from her perch about as many time wasting headline-grabbing feminist initiatives as possible, today’s Harperson hot air rent-a-rant is some drivel about teaching 5 year old kids about domestic violence and wife beating. A further announcement about a change in the way rape victims are treated was vetoed by Jack Straw who quite rightly refused to endorse the announcement just so Harridan could appear important.

Straw incidentally, is the gutless Minister of Justice who imposed the ridiculous Human Rights Act during his tenure as Home Secretary thus ensuring every criminal, immigrant, pikey, gippo and asylum seeker is given a pat on the back instead of a one-way ticket to punishment.

With a self-delusion Harridan convinced she can make a bid for PM if The Bottler steps down, expect more feminist twaddle with 50% more crap as this barking mad woman seeks to further inflate her ego.


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